Sex Pistols fangirl in her bedroom || 1979

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"There are some people - whether it’s Ian Curtis or Bob Dylan Or Kurt - whose messages and lyrics and personality truly is bitter than a guitar and a stage and an audience. And that can be the most powerful thing. […] and then you have people that just have a huge emotional presence. I think Kurt had an incredibly deep and powerful emotional presence that made it so that he didn’t have to take step one in any direction, because the sound of his voice and his intention of what he was doing onstage was enough to blow an arena full of people away. Coming from the hardcore scene where most of the singers were just fucking insane - to see someone that could just stand and scream his throat raw and have that be enough was really something. I’ve never been in a band with someone like that. And I never will be again, that’s for sure." - Dave Grohl

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Previously unseen photo of Kurt Cobain live in Finland, 1992.

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fall out boy? why not fall out girl?



[patrick stump immediately works on changing name of band to Fall Out Persons]

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Kurt, say hi!

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 20 years ago today, we lost a very beautiful man, he might be gone, but he is alive in our hearts forever, his music has changed many lives over the years, and i am one of them, we love you Kurt, and thank you for everything you beautiful soul,
Rest In Peace Kurt Cobain xoxox

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